...and i feel marginal

ashes fall down
            like leaves from a tree
            like lemmings off a cliff
            like babies from a womb

it piles up on the ground
            like cars on the Deegan
            like lips on glasses
            like dirt on coffins

it brushes against my naked face
            and I feel unhappy
            and I feel combustible
            and I feel pious


it reminds me of a life left unfinished
            like 5-star sudoku puzzles
            like going out of business furniture stores
            like old blogs that haven't been updated since 2004

a breeze takes the ash up in the air
and it comes to life in the form of
segmented lines and
I gaze in bewilderment

but it always comes back - it always does
            like hamsters to their wheel
            like dogs to peanut butter
            like karma to bad people

I know for sure it will -
            and I feel unwanted
            and I feel marginal
            and I feel content


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