we are all headed due west

speckled cat staring off into the tumbling
laundry captivating its mind as
the flash player drones on moaning
the porn that you've put on before your
heart attack and your body is on the floor
sunlight touches your sleeves
a fleeting shadow as a small breeze
enters and leaves from your
open window and it
brushes by the orange and ruby curtains
your roommate bought you
because she thought you were
just another loser

tears are the lubricants that resuscitate
and turn the cogs of your bodily self
you once said drinking alone three nights ago

you are on the floor expressionless as
two women and a man writhe in agony
on a blanketless and pillowless bed
the timer ticks by to its finite conclusion

you are on the floor on your side
and your dick points due west—
the way you had intended to leave
after you had finished masturbating

and your spectacles are wet