you walk down 4th avenue
crossing intersections with
such innocence - gazing at
gargantuan sidewalks

you look amused at the vexing proximity
of starbucks to other starbucks
and of the dazzling heights
of erect concrete and steel

your gait, full of blamelessness
of the chilly city air,
cuts between the melting pot
of crowds at madison park

your smile stops even the
coldest of wall street suits
who do a double take
on your figure

your decision to buy
i love ny shirts
claiming its a must buy
brings your naïveté to attention

you give away your ignorance
when you buy three-
dollar snickers bars
in the name of 'charity'

you profess your love of oreos
and of the salvation army
but hesitant to say
you love mother america

are you flitting through life
skipping across 27th street
stared down by yiddish grandmothers
and nineteen year olds                                     (?)

where do you think you are going
enrolled in f.i.t.
but dressed like
a whore with a missouri accent                        (?)

are you afraid of the
liberal backlash of your
disillusioned lesbian friends
who didn't vote at all                                                (?)

are you afraid of the
conservative backlash of your
disillusioned republican parents
who voted democrat                                                (?)

your smile fades away
and the suits leave your side
as your gaze meets mine-
you finally notice me

hello darling
its been a while
here i am,
just as much of a hypocrite as you

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