Egg (A Sestina)

I turned a corner on Winspear Avenue and I saw an egg
on the ground, pulsating. I picked it
up and brought the egg back to my house.
I left it alone for about a week or so.
I had forgotten about the egg until I
noticed my bed had risen an inch from the ground!

With my stomach on the ground,
I looked for the egg
under my bed. I
saw it
pulsating and about the size of a sleeping coyote so
I tried rolling it away from my house.

The egg was stuck to the house,
the floors, the foundation, the ground.
It would not budge what so
ever. This egg
did not want to leave. I wanted it
to leave, to return to “I” and not the “egg and I”

to save my house,
tried breaking it:
the ground,
the egg,
but it wasn’t so.

ate the egg
after cutting away from the house,
away from the ground
after youtube demonstrated it.

The yolk, it
had a phlegm-like consistency so
I stomped on it on the ground
added skim milk and peppers and I
cooked it in my house.
The egg
and I,
in my house:
I am the egg.


'Nemmie' (A Sestina)

I found a duck today and I caught it.
Decided to call it 'Nemmie'. We were chill.
Nemmie and I roamed the streets usually at night
and we picked on little kids. It was fun.
We would cheer and high five each other
and share ice cream sometimes.
Nemmie jokes about me getting avian flu. I get scared sometimes.
It's cool though, I never got it.
We tested each other -
I coughed and Nemmie coughed - no avian flu. It's chill.
We went out and threw crayons for fun.
I think that was last night?
Wait, I am positive that it was last night.
I get like this sometimes;
my memory decides to blank out for fun.
I hate it.
Nemmie thinks it's not chill
and that I should stop drinking so much. I think we care about each other.
The constitutive 'other', the opposite of same; Nemmie is my 'other'.
We decided on this very night.
Nemmie is a duck and I'm a bear but we're mad chill.
When we walk down Main Street, people scream at us sometimes.
I think it's me but Nemmie doesn't let me believe it.
We went to a mall and I stole a scooter. It was all in good fun!
I drove the scooter into a fountain. Nemmie laughed, I laughed, we had fun
until of course, security came for us. We held each other.
The security guard had a pack of cigarettes. I asked for it.
Nemmie asked for a night
light. I use it sometimes.
Night lights are chill.
Jail cells are not chill.
Jail is not fun.
I get visits sometimes
but not from Nemmie, it's some other
person at night
and I hate it.
I wish there was some other
way to spend my night
and not relive it.


Poetry From A Bear Cub (A Sonnet)

The river is cool, I saw Pepsi cans
Mommy took me fishing at the river.
I scared the fish away, she smacked me hard.
We saw Humans fishing – they saw us too!
I peed in the river. Mommy said ‘Hi’.
The Humans ran away, they don’t know us.
Mommy went and wept under a big tree.

Sometimes I like to spy on the Humans.
When they go to bed, I pee on their car
and I sit by their table wondering,
wondering why that moose cries at sundown,
and wondering why I don’t have a thumb.
If I did, I would play gameboy all day
and console that crying moose at sundown.

Pinot Noir (A Sonnet)

I’m sitting in Charlie’s well-kept backyard,
drinking three glasses of pinot noir.
It’s my surprise birthday party you see,
it’s my twenty-seventh birthday party.

Lindsay is already drunk – stumbling.
Maybe she will keep her legs shut this time.
People walk around congratulating,
celebrating a step closer to death.

Charlie’s girlfriend is by the swimming pool
she wears a low cut, revealing red dress.
Everyone stops to take a better look.

As I finish my fourth glass of wine, I
look at her through the bottom of my glass
and I’m wondering if her breasts are real.

Starry Sky (A Sonnet)

Looming high above, a beautiful pearl
perfect circle, reflecting off the sea
silver shadow of the moon naturally
before my eyes the starry sky unfurls
like the innocence of a teenage girl
and the moon emerges from clouds with glee
it then disappears from view playfully
but not before giving the stars a whirl.
Just for one moment it shines with splendor
becoming a dull color of silver
still it looks beautiful, with great fervor
like the golden hues of tasty nectar.
When I see the moon I only wonder
poems thanking her being stellar.

Beautiful Sunlight (A Sonnet)

Unfamiliar places I’ve traveled far,
arduous and difficult it has been;
becoming dark and dreary, falling star
the only thing that night to make me grin.

Here I lie and all I think about is
the next morning when the sun will rise up
and guide me through this terrain with brightness
I wonder if I should wait for sun-up.

When I awake, I feel my body washed
in soothing warm light; my sanctuary
as its brother stands, Darkness flees and hides
cool, clammy feelings that left my dreary.

Beautiful sunlight, bringing glorious
warmth unparalleled; serendipitous.

As the Sun's Rays Fade (A Sonnet)

As the sun’s rays fade, I can’t help but look
up at the heavens in amazement and
become enchanted by the stars above.
Billions if not infinite amounts are
positioned directly above my head.

The starlight guides my feet to a clearing,
I have been here the previous night,
watching the heavens, at the glimmering
seductive gazes of the stars, my love.

I am entranced by the beauty of them
and feel slightly jealous of the night sky.
I begin to open my arms to them
to be enveloped by the crepuscule
the stars that lights my world tonight, my love.


An Ode to Oroonoko


So blesséd is he, young Oroonoko
standing tall, gallant, and handsome;
thrilling as a thirty year old Thoreau
ready to fight whatever may come,
he stood his ground until deceived by a bro.

The lamenting beats of the bongo drum
can still be heard in Sierra Leone
asking where Oroonoko had gone.

Now a slave in a south temperate zone,
taken prisoner, made a courtier,
there he was in Surinam living on his own.

While walking along a wooded chantier.
he found Imoinda, his first amour
to which he cried, “Nous sommes immortalisé!”
She was lost before and now found once more,
And now their love was fortified hardcore.


Drawing the ire of the king and now
the ire of the English deputy,
the two lovers decided to take a vow.

Marriage they believed to be the mighty,
taking their love to a higher point,
this is when their marriage turned deadly.

Oroonoko was disgraced at gunpoint,
in front of owners of slaves
by the English deputy who wanted to make a point.


Drawing on this experience
he decided that no one could be trusted,
and so honorable Oroonoko prepared to face death with great grievance.

Imoinda, his love, offered her life to him, which he granted
and so she died, with a smile on her face,
leaving him with nothing to live for, facing death undaunted.
He was tied up and left for Death’s embrace
whipped and dismembered, all without a cry
he began preparing to leave this forsaken place.

O Brave Oroonoko, good bye, goodbye
your legend still lives on as time passes by.