come here baby
feel the warmth of my body
compare it to the setting sun
  on this California beach

close your eyes
and let the waves crash down
  on your ears
ride it out to the distant horizon
and watch
  the glowing red sun set its angry self
  in the far far west that is east

let's go darlin'
  walk two steps on the moist dunes
and watch the receding ocean erase our steps
like we've never been born

listen darlin'
  just smoke with me
        and -
we'll listen to the beach
  talk slumbers in our head

we'll watch the purple clouds hang over us
  as our red eyes lock on to ourselves
they'll grasp one another
      and -
the moist sand will be on our backs
 as we dump the ocean air on to
our naked stomachs and blow clouds from our lips


chk chk

leave my planet
  go on
  you do not belong

like my fathers and mothers
  my progenitors
  I was born and raised on
  this soil
  this soil that we bled
  and sweated for
fought for

do not claim this land
  as your land

it is my land
  not 'our' land
- my land that belongs to us,
   the people

thunder and lightning may crash upon me
  but I will stand resolute
  you must leave
go on




we wanted to make it new
we wanted to invent it
we wanted voice
we wanted vision

we wanted a beginning
we wanted an idea
we wanted a myth brought into tradition
we wanted to conquer

we wanted boundaries
we wanted margins
we wanted borders
we wanted separation

we wanted authenticity
we wanted complacency
we wanted temporality
we wanted society

we wanted contradiction
we wanted false traditions
we wanted western definitions
we wanted a conclusion

we wanted individuality
we wanted complete conformity
we wanted a single entity
we wanted our own identity

we wanted creativity
we wanted subjectivity
we wanted responsibility
we wanted pure diversity

we wanted counter-culture
we wanted our own future
we wanted to grow old and mature
we wanted to be the dominant culture

we wanted recognition
we wanted opposition
we wanted destruction
we wanted rejuvenation

we wanted a nation
  we wanted a nation
    we wanted a nation
      we wanted a nation

we wanted re-vision
we wanted departure
we wanted creation
we wanted a new direction

we wanted opportunity
we wanted authority
we wanted meritocracy
we wanted you to be a minority

we want you to understand our exceptionalism
we want you to recognize our influence
we want you to celebrate our ideology
we want you to know we are capable of change
            as long as it is beneficial to us

we are the oppressors
we are the world leaders
we are america,
       the nation
   under God indivisible
with liberty and justice for