she wanted to get drunk with me here

a north wind blast straight down the valley
hit my face here and here

waiting for the sky to clear
ringing in the distance
muffled shouts            dying whispers
don't want to be alone

grey cat's tails flicker on and off
midnight summer evening
she wears blue sun gown here
flats and ribbons too

cityscape beyond maize here

trolley cars present without conductors
            wired trails frayed from misuse
empty station
hidden edward hopper painting here

girl kiss boy kiss girl kiss boy
share lips and drink from same cup boy
share straws and fries            pass the vinegar please
candy   drugs   soda
traffic lights flash here

she wanted to get drunk with me here


mix tape (part of 1994summerblues series)

she held the cassette in her hand
and threw it at me
the tape broke when it hit the sidewalk
I saw her hair wave as the ocean air filled my lungs
and the beach drowned out our tears
songs of our love                     gone