when we met on the train to damascus
  I was briefly in love with you
  or in love with the idea of love

my mind was in raptures
  when our eyes met
  and you flashed a toothy smile

we talked incessantly
  into the early damascus morning

I felt like I knew you
  from previous years of my life

but this attraction I felt
  to you was just a facade
  of how much I wanted to be with someone

when the train stopped
  your face became cloudy
  as if you knew what would happen

I stood up and tipped my hat
     Have a safe trip."

you stood up teary eyed
  knowing you will never see me again
  heart torn in two
     knowing you may never connect with someone else

and you embraced me
  hoping for a kiss

but I could not;
  I could not hurt you
  the way you hurt me

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