drink this shit with me
  let's get drunk with liquor

let me throw up in the men's bathrrom
let me sit there and emanate filth
let me be one with the urine stained

drink this flavored vodka and
drink five dollar pitchers of beer

let me go outside to blacken my
  filthy lungs
and make love to this yellowing
  burning cigarette

let me eye fuck the blonde with
  a floral dress
her legs are smooth and i want
  to feel it around my shoulders
let me make love to this
  withering burning

i will be ripe with alcohol
  i will be sodden with it

i will make a fool of myself
  and you will laugh and toss your
blonde hair in my face

my cigarette will be on the floor
  and i will go back inside
angry and i will drink more

you will find me
next to the urinals

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