drafting table

i will write a poem while crying

it will be about how women don't like me

and i will delete their numbers from my phone
and when they text me i will ask
                      who is this
and they will reply
                      so and so
                      did you delete my number?

i will not text them back for fear of rejection
  a second time and i will feel my heart
  leap into my throat when i see their names
and i will think about them everyday until i forget them again
and they will text me back asking
  why i didn't answer
and i will not answer them back

  i will write a poem about women
and how much i want to be with one
sharing our
   and lives together

i will say cliched phrases
  and write cliche words
like caressing
  soft and breathtaking
and people will say
                     this is meaningful
                     i can relate to this

i will smile at them and say
                     my heart is broken
and no one will smile
and no one will console me
and women will roll their eyes and say
                     why can't you get over yourself
and i will shrug and never text them back

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