i finally arrived in california
  hitchhiking my way across
this spotty sky

left my soul behind
  the west coast is the
hedonist's paradise

        the place i seek is not heaven

my neck is stiff as i pass
  colorful women

i pray for a glimpse of their blessings
  but God would not have it
  and i cannot turn my head
to admire them from behind

let me touch their supple flesh
  with my tanned rough hands

let me caress their foreheads with
  my naked fingers

  i have lain on this sandy dune
watching the sky
  hoping for the clouds to pass
day after day
  day after day
day after day

until one afternoon
  someone blocked the sun from my eyes

       she was a  blossoming woman
smiling from ear to ear
  undoubtedly questioning my morals

       she was nine-teen turning twenty
 high on grass
  high on beach
 high on sun
best of all she was
  ready to go

the clouds cleared out
  the sky was brilliant with light
her face was a silhouette
  and i fell in love

       God bless the indian summer

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