no sleep

Sleepless nights go forever
entrenched in the eyes of demons,
always watching, whispering
unruly cacophony.
Nightfall brings temporal death,
remedial joy by morn.
The very whites of your eyes
imprecated with distress,
developing you insane.
Lackaday, for it is gone!
Morning dew, call of the dawn,
instead, you begin to fear,
the melody of the dark.
Rumble of darkness ensues,
Expending the eves and ewes,
here come the vixens of night,
to feast on your sudden fright.
With tantalizing banter,
they chant and howl for your name.
Without patience they begin
climbing up the sides of walls,
and crawling down ceiling halls.
They await for you to leave,
whilst lethargic music plays.
Fighting otiosity,
your mind quickly starts to race,
for you have just remembered,
a ten page paper is due.

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