not worth the while

As I went to go meet
at the agreed upon location,
I caught myself thinking

Scanning carefully among
rows and rows of the seated,
a flicker of movement catches
my eye.

I walk, closer than I have before,
perhaps violating unwritten laws.

She meets my gaze and asks,
"How is your day?"
My reply is one word.

Through the commotion and bustle
of the crowded room,
our eyes don't meet.
I feel sick.

My feelings for this girl
will never be justified.
We may have same aspirations
the same personality
to even think similar thoughts
but there is a code
rather unwritten.
you and I.

It's time for us to go,
we still haven't said a word.
A fleeting glance?

We get up to leave
one by one,
people leave the table.
It's our turn.
We depart
without goodbye.

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