Sitting upstairs in a little shop,
I decided to write and never stop.
I'll write until I get tired,
or perhaps until I get fired...

But who knows, all I ever do here is mop
and sometimes clean the marble tabletop.

So I'll write until I get hired
or until someone decides to become a buyer.
Buy my silly stories or my serious ones
or some of my poems full of wondrous puns...

And I'll put out some crazy flyers,
maybe ask favors for Michael Myers.

He'll wave in your face with a gun -
well, I do hope he'll be having fun -
and you'll have no choice
(unless you don't want to lose your voice),

(Meaning you'll be dead, you know, done
kaputz, sleeping with the fishes, the sum of none...)

to buy it. My writings can melt a block of ice
with the warmth it emanates not once but thrice!
So read them at least once,
or you'll be labeled a lazy dunce.

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