as i wave in the face of a bear

baby beatniks brush by burroughs
king ken kesey kicks kaiser kerouac
jolly ginsberg attempts necrophilia
and monitors with monikers
convey communist thought

baby faced moonshine momma,
eclectic taste in homemade wine
rape me, rape me, rape me, she cries;
but jolly ginsberg prefers her dead
and king kesey still kicks kerouac
and beatniks beat burroughs
64, 928 times

dodos infest ginsberg's thoughts -
compels him to write 'howl'
kerouac and burroughs make man-love
sharing the sun and the fun while
ginsberg still writes 'howl'
with dodos on his mind.

get high get high get high
get high geth igh geth igh
gethi gh gethi gh gethi gh
gethig h gethig h gethig h
gethigh gethigh gethigh gethigh
jack writes 'on the road',
bill composes 'naked lunch'
they came down, came down...
caaame down, caaaame down,

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