'Nemmie' (A Sestina)

I found a duck today and I caught it.
Decided to call it 'Nemmie'. We were chill.
Nemmie and I roamed the streets usually at night
and we picked on little kids. It was fun.
We would cheer and high five each other
and share ice cream sometimes.
Nemmie jokes about me getting avian flu. I get scared sometimes.
It's cool though, I never got it.
We tested each other -
I coughed and Nemmie coughed - no avian flu. It's chill.
We went out and threw crayons for fun.
I think that was last night?
Wait, I am positive that it was last night.
I get like this sometimes;
my memory decides to blank out for fun.
I hate it.
Nemmie thinks it's not chill
and that I should stop drinking so much. I think we care about each other.
The constitutive 'other', the opposite of same; Nemmie is my 'other'.
We decided on this very night.
Nemmie is a duck and I'm a bear but we're mad chill.
When we walk down Main Street, people scream at us sometimes.
I think it's me but Nemmie doesn't let me believe it.
We went to a mall and I stole a scooter. It was all in good fun!
I drove the scooter into a fountain. Nemmie laughed, I laughed, we had fun
until of course, security came for us. We held each other.
The security guard had a pack of cigarettes. I asked for it.
Nemmie asked for a night
light. I use it sometimes.
Night lights are chill.
Jail cells are not chill.
Jail is not fun.
I get visits sometimes
but not from Nemmie, it's some other
person at night
and I hate it.
I wish there was some other
way to spend my night
and not relive it.

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