come here baby
feel the warmth of my body
compare it to the setting sun
  on this California beach

close your eyes
and let the waves crash down
  on your ears
ride it out to the distant horizon
and watch
  the glowing red sun set its angry self
  in the far far west that is east

let's go darlin'
  walk two steps on the moist dunes
and watch the receding ocean erase our steps
like we've never been born

listen darlin'
  just smoke with me
        and -
we'll listen to the beach
  talk slumbers in our head

we'll watch the purple clouds hang over us
  as our red eyes lock on to ourselves
they'll grasp one another
      and -
the moist sand will be on our backs
 as we dump the ocean air on to
our naked stomachs and blow clouds from our lips

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