the world's most terrifying landlady kicks the bucket

We today
determine one thing:
value of life

touching on
traumatic life

the jurors to see
through her eyes

"You have heard of the despair
the anger

would you want that to happen to yourself
Would you want that to happen to your children

believe there is
reason for us to be
here on earth

somehow enhance
humanity, to love, to
touch each other
to breathe easier because you have lived

testify for Dorothea Puente

understand why so many people testified and asked
to spare Dorthea's life
if you have ever fallen
down and stumbled on the road
of life and had
someone pick you up
give you comfort
give you love

understand why these people believe
life is worth saving

human quality
deserves to be
preserved. It is a flame
of humanity that
Dorthea since she was

That is reason to give
life without the
possibility of parole

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