this happened in june a long time ago and it still makes me mad

vinny chin
chinny vin
vincent chin

            it was
back when he was twenty-

four blows
  to his yellow
  head landed                                     square
            fucking his brain

                                                "it's because of you
little motherfuckers that
            out of work"

fuck you motherfucker
they said to
            as if they knew he fucked mothers

                        in mcdonalds ­–
imagine –
how would you finish a big mac

  red bat dusty
red louisville

kentucky red
            vinny's crown

motherfucker vincent
blue collar chinese american motherfucker
            lying on grease tiles             serving billions

trillions of french cut potatoes
trillions of dying cells
billions of hamburgers served
billions of neurons killed

two men killed one man
because of jobs
two white men killed one asian man

because of jobs

grab vincent by the shoulders
                        hold him down and with
                        four swift strokes end
                        his life as if it will stimulate
                        the economy

is that how the world will
come to be –

it's not fair
he whispered
rolling back cells
counting down the lives

droning comatose

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