i submitted this to some poetry magazine but i haven't heard back yet

laundry blanket the ground like leaves
untouched refuse hides beneath the bed
  burnt coffee
  wet cigarette drags

sleep-tossed hair biting dusty air
rosy cheeks kissing chest
  holding arms
  entangled vines

sweet assortment of nouns
  floating in the air
  lingering caressing exfoliating
drinking sweat and speculating

              cocaine drips from the blizzard sky
            coconuts thump within radiators
            bananas blemish and peel itself

  covetous guilt looms like jury duty
gratuitous gifts left forgotten
closed behind locked iron gates
buried deep unhinged memories

faded tombstones tower over piled laundry
  soiled leaves scattered
damp rustic chasms unabridged itineraries
damaged values incoherent spectral lovers

                                    leaves float on water
                                    leaves float on water

packaged cartons bleed
woolen beasts contemplate suicide
kick undevoured frightwalkers
under the influence of fresh burnt coffee
  dragging wet cigarette cones
finger-stench resonate on gloves

western landscapes stash candles under beds
rolling landscapes picturesque voyeurs
stained glass block eyes
scratch out bloody and pinpricked toes
              laundry blanket the ground like leaves

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