tequila night

it's 12:33
the shades are down
I can still see the sun

I don't want to get up
my head hurts from last night
there is someone next to me

what is her name?
hannah? portia?
what is her name?

I am naked
she is naked
where are my clothes?

my socks are still on
so am I really naked?
my head really hurts

maybe I should go back to bed
who is this girl?
her shoulders are freckled

her hair is golden brown
I really need water
my mouth is dry

I wonder if she is dry
she has a ring
I'm really fucked now

where was I last night?
she has a penguin tattoo
her legs are shaved

is she shaved down there too?
does she have stretch marks?
where is my cell phone?

I hope I didn't drunk text anyone
I hope I didn't drunk dial anyone
I hope I didn't drunk Facebook anyone

did I use a condom?
did we even have sex?
I hope I used a condom

she has a firm ass
what is her name again?

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