hpstr rnff

trying 2 hard 2 b sum1
  tht is my life

i ruined myself
  whr is my cause -
          wht is my cause

i write undr florescent lghts
    wndrng whr u went
wndrng y i am myself
  disappointing and alone


y r we nt friends anymore
  r u 2 cool 4 me
mayb u r
i miss u madly

i miss ur bangs
  i miss ur lips
    i miss ur slendr shouldrs
      i miss ur alt breasts
        i miss ur am appy ass

bur rght now
  i'm not evn 'myself'
i'm trying 2 hard 2 b sum1
  tht is my life


sumtimes i sit at my desk
  writing nonsense trying 2
make sense of my life (via words)
it's meaningless without u

thanks 4 walking out on me
  thanks 4 losing my identity
    thanks 4 this unchill feeling


is this 'irony'
  is this 'fate'
    is this 'meaning'
      is this 'existence'

i'm trying hard 2 b sum1
  i'm trying hard 2 4get
    i'm trying hard 2 find 'meaning'

                              but i can't do any of this
until i find myself -
                 in 'irony'
                 in 'fate'
                 in 'meaning'
                 in 'existence'
                 in 'you'

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