yoannes kabul
       dropped the ball it
was his departure - his time


he ruined his life
    giving away savings
investing in dog racing
             gambling in slots
why did you do such a thing
                                yoannes kabul

thunder bullshit cock fucker
  clean your mouth with this napkin
peruvian mocha cappuccino
      think that's delicious
yoannes kabul
    black gold black gold black
gold you wash your body in
filth and rinse your mouth
       in black gold

you didn't hit jackpot you hit
                    the floor as hard as
kettle irons falling from the sixth floor

broken bottle broken dreams
  shattered teeth shattered femurs
fractured walls fractured ribs
you belong in a slaughterhouse
            yoannes kabul

your finger bullets hit nothing
  there is no target except for you
just your lifeless limbs and heaving body
  are you trying to suck life back into
  are you trying to inhale back life from
your past

there's a finger on my trigger yoannes kabul
  can you feel it on the back of your head

           plumes of smoke like feathers
rise to the ground
      why are you facedown yoannes kabul
why are you kissing the ground
  look towards the heavens aren't you
    worried about your soul

will you ride down to Hell with me
          will you watch me drive my Buick
     I hear it's cold in Hell let's wait
for summer -

                            yoannes kabul the flowers are
   whispering your name they want you
they want you

bottom feeding worm fucking dirt slobberer
  yoannes kabul the Russians are
       coming for you I hear they will
feed you hot dogs and fatten you up

this peruvian hot chocolate is delicious
and I wash my body in black
gold black gold I wash my body
in black gold
      yoannes kabul

                                     let me drive down
        let me go so let's not worry
        let me crash this Buick and
        let me tell you
        yoannes kabul -
   I am just like you

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