when we embrace the sardonic
cacophony of blue light symphonies,
  the environment of the world falls
  flat to their roots and pays

only God himself can conduct the
  mezzanine filled with brass
  and woodwinds
  and an angelic choir -
                        you would think humans
would be in awe
                                    but really
                                    down inside
we are filled with a burning anguish
  of lust and hate and rage and
  jealousy that all we can hear
  is the Devil laughing in our

but if we find a tune -
                                                a worldly tune
  a down-to-earth-no-bullshit-here kind of tune
            a tune that'll make you cry, make you move, make you smile
  send shivers down your spine, and
                                    raise our spirits to joy,

we can laugh and hold hands with
                        the world
and listen to our music, our

                        told by God himself.

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