I didn't know how
   profit prophets navigated
   through the discourse of
   talentless chumps of
   walled streets of sin

ONE thousand and seven hideous
   suns peeked around the
   corner and hid at
   the sight of us -
   the peasantry

MEGAphones and SPEAKERphones
   rally on the summit
   of mountains of invisible ash
   - spheres of thoughts
   float between demonstrators

ONE by ONE bubbles explode
   like cantankerous sores and
   men and women mobilize
   to end this fiery debacle
   of volcanic ash

It's pouring the rain from 
   above and beyond and our
   conversations end as empty
   promises are kept and
   white lies are told to
   protect me and you and
   you and you and you
   and you and you and

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