vive la nuit

orange pyres bellow smoke
  in the middle of 42nd street as snow falls
  silently amidst blurry yellow streaks
  and countless pairs of feet

flashes brighten the night on
  47th and 5th as boys and
  girls laugh skating below the
  gargantuan spruce

smells of roasting nuts blind passersby
  as the cold nips their noses red and
  the men in blue direct them
  like shepherds to a flock of lamb

the rumble of the 4 train
  brings urine stained stale
  air to grand central and lex
  as it arrives five minutes late

trees dance like rockettes
  as they try to brush the snow
  from their stiff naked limbs
  in grand central park

staggering men babble words and
  string along a stench of alcohol
  down st.marks and seem
  immune to the cold

families with cameras gawk
  outside the bergdorf and
  down 5th ave to 30 rock
  and eat at hearty hale

boys and girls line up
  in front of magnolia on
  bleecker to pay for
  overpriced red velvet cupcakes

watching planes takeoff
  and land out of terminal 2
  at jfk during sunset
  is the most beautiful thing

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