san marino where I once met you

Hand shaking machine
  I'm tangled up in you
            your claws -
                                    your cause

I've yet to see your face
and I'm doubtful
I ever will

people ask for snippets
            of your hair
(and they don't stop there)

furious proposals are made
   with wrong words
   from frantic minds

and I'm tangled up in you
            hand shaking machine,
            hand-shaking machine

your slender arms
  give away your malnourished self
  but how you keep your hands so soft -
            is a mystery to me.

I don't think I'll ever
    let you go dear
hand shaking machine.

I don't think I'll ever find
another one like you
hand shaking machine,

I noticed your painted fingers:
            red-like blood
            also the color of love

                                    are you in love with me
                                    hand shaking machine
your             rhythmic
            pumping            grip

shows me how great of a
hand shaking machine
you are -

don't let others find out
that you and I
have become a we
after our tango
hand shaking machine

the last thing I need is
        people speculating my
grip on myself

let me kiss your hand
let me kiss you once
            hand shaking machine

this metal tang seeping
through my tongue
is malicious in nature

but I forgive you
I always will
hand shaking machine

listen I won't let go of you
hand shaking machine

            please don't let go of me
hand shaking machine

don't let me down darling
don't let me down

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