the beatles had once ruled the world and named lennon as prophet

will I learn something
  so valuable that
  I manage to do the world some good?
  everyday people,
  everyday people - normal average joes and janes
  they don't - no
  they won't ever
  make an impact in this enormous world –
  this 252 million cubic kilograms of air-nitrogen-carbon dioxide or whatever

everyone believes
  that we are on this planet
  for a reason whether it may be

we are all just pawns
on this earth until something - wait,
someone great
someone who encompasses
all knowledge and is
understanding of everyone's plight has come to be
life may not make much sense right now,
but wait
just wait, after all, life is a waiting game

you wait until you take your exams
you wait to meet your soulmate
you wait to die

it's the truth

truth is,
truth is,
truth is a,
truth is a long flowing river down the mississipi river valley going at 12.9 knots per nautical mile – no - truth is a luxury item - it's not a necessity - you can live without it, but you can also live with it - will the truth still change your perception of time? absolutely not - time is a constant - a constant bereavement of the ever changing world - the world that doesn't stand fucking still.

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